Monopoly Deal

A person holding a hand of "Monopoly Deal" cards.

I discovered Monopoly Deal this weekend at the Ultimate tournament. It isn’t anything like Monopoly. It reminded me more of Dominion than any other game I’ve played. You draw cards into your hand, and choose to either drop them into your bank, use them as action cards, or build up your collection of properties. It seems it is at about 70-30 on the luck-skill scale.

Games are quick: we almost finished two games before the food arrived at a restaurant, and that was with the upper limit of five players. The rules are simple: all the info you need fits on a single rule card, and each action card is self-explanatory.

See? Totally not Monopoly. I bought a copy at Chapters for $10 today. Let’s play!

3 thoughts on “Monopoly Deal

  1. I played it with some friends last week. I was a lot better then Monopoly, but there was too much luck and not enough strategy for my liking. Probably a good game for transitioning someone who has only ever played Monopoly into more serious board games.

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