Donate your books

I’m filing this under “Productivity” because minimizing clutter helps you devote your time, attention, and space to things that are important to you.

Old books are common clutter items. But, where can you get rid of them in Vancouver?

Selling books is usually not worth your time, especially for very out-of-date textbooks. This only works out if you sell a textbook immediately after you are finished with it and if it’s required reading for the next term.

In Vancouver, you can recycle both hard and soft-cover books (from Vancouver recycling’s FAQ):

For soft cover books, they can go into the “mixed paper” bag or “paper products” cart for recycling. For the yellow bag, you have to be careful not to exceed the 20 kilogram (44 pound) limit as the crews lift these by hand, so you may have to do it over a number of weeks. You can also drop off the soft cover books in the mixed paper bin at our recycling depot for free.
For hardcover books, remove the paper from the hardcover and binding/glue on the spine by cutting or tearing. The paper can be recycled as mixed paper (listed above) and the covers and binding/glue will go into the garbage.

You can also donate your books. One charity that takes any type of book, including textbooks, is Reading Tree. They have collection bins all around Vancouver, and even will arrange to pick them up from your place. Find a bin near you using their bin locator.

Update: Reading Tree has ceased operations and transfered management of their collection boxes to Discover Books. Find collection bins near you at

7 thoughts on “Donate your books

  1. Good to know. Reading Tree looks like a good place to give books to.

    I just dropped a bunch of books (all fictional) off at the VGH Thrift Store on Broadway. I tried selling them at Pulp Fiction, but they wouldn’t take any of them (even though half of them were originally purchased there).

    1. I would love to take any books people want to donate. I will not be re-selling them. I will be using them to start libraries for kids who normally wouldn’t have access to a library. Please contact me at 971-400-3352 or
      Thanks in advance!
      Andrea E. Pineda
      Around the World Consulting

  2. Discover Books is a for-profit corporation that actually sells and takes a profit from the donated books that are in good condition.

  3. I am a teacher in a rural village called Siawkrom in the Birim South district in the eastern region of Ghana.
    I have realised that pupils cannot read and write and as a result have come out with the reading club to encourage students to read.
    I therefore need books and support to achieve the goals of the club.
    You can also link me to other organisations and individuals to support my dream.
    Thank you.

  4. if you google “donate books vancouver bc” you will find may options to give away books without throwing them out.

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