92 things

A few months ago, I wrote about things I discarded. Now, I write about things I’ve kept. I moved to Mountain View for the summer, and I only have 92 things. In hindsight, that’s still 14 things too many (the red items), but I’m happy that I got that close to living with only what I’ve needed (for my own definition of “need”). These are the things I brought, the things I bought, and the things I borrowed.

Things I brought

Luggage etc.
1. Carry-on sized suitcase
2. Hiking backpack
3. Backpack

I packed the hiking backpack inside of my carry-on, so I just had a carry-on and a backpack and was able to avoid checking in any luggage. It turns out I only use the hiking backpack for day-to-day use. I think if I had not brought the unnecessary things below, I’d have been able to pack everything into the suitcase and the smaller hiking backpack.

4. Hoodie
5-7. Jeans x 3
8. Pants
9. Shorts
10-12. t-shirts x 3
13. Long sleeve merino wool shirt
14-16. Merino wool t-shirts x 3
17-23. Underwear x 7
24-30. Sock x 7 pairs
31. New Balance shoes

I’ve used the hoodie as my pillow, so I guess it was useful to bring, although I could have made something else into a pillow otherwise. It’s way too hot to need a hoodie in Mountain View. If I’d been living in San Francisco like last summer, a hoodie would make more sense. I’ve only used one of my pairs of jeans. Although I’ve used all the t-shirts I brought, the Merino wool shirts have been pretty amazing and I’d have been able to get through the summer just with them. I wear them about 80% of the time. The great thing about them is that they evaporate sweat away so quickly that they don’t end up with even the slightest smell until about the fifth wear (so I’ve been told; I wash them after two or three wears).

Sports gear
32. Running tights
33. Swim shorts
34. Swim goggles
35. Ultimate jersey
36. Long sleeve base layer
37. Waterproof jacket
38. Shorts
39. Ultimate disc
40. Cleats

It’s too warm here to need bottoms for running. I was never really going to swim. Also, summer in Mountain View… why did I bring a waterproof jacket? My cleats had needed replacement for a few months, so I should have just bought a new pair when I arrived here.

41. iPhone
42. iPhone charger
43. Laptop
44. Laptop charger
45. Camera
46. Camera battery charger
47. Camera USB cable
48. Mini-dvi to VGA converter
49. Headphones

I forgot that Google has projector converters for laptops in every conference room. The iPhone has been borderline unnecessary, since I’d be charged roaming data rates down here, but I have used it a few times. Its battery is usually empty, and I use Google voice on my computer to make and receive calls. That’s backfired a couple of times, though (sorry!)

50-52. 3 pens
53. Notebook
54. Smaller notebook

Personal care
55. Razor
56. Contact lenses
57. Small first aid kit
58. Medicine
59. Travel towel

Documents etc.
60. A folder with Visa and other documents
61. Wallet (and cards)
62. Passport
63. Pilot licence

Again, I didn’t make the time to convert my Canadian pilot licence to a US pilot licence.

64. House keys
65. Water bottle
66. Monopoly Deal

Things I’ve acquired

Luggage etc.
67. A Google branded Patagonia backpack

This was given to us on the first day. I’m giving this away; let me know if you want it.

Sports gear
68. A 2nd Ultimate disc
69. New cleats
70. New running shoes

71. FitBit

On my first day, a person in my office called out to me as I walked by and tossed a small box my direction. Inside it was a FitBit. It’s been a fun way of tracking my activity and sleep patterns.

Personal care
72. A crappy bath towel
73. A bath towel
74. Q-Tips
75. Toothpaste
76. Floss
77. Shaving gel
78. Nail clippers
79. Contact lens solution
80. First aid/athletic tape
81. Neosporin
82. Non-stick pads
83. Gauze
84. Sunscreen
85. Aleve
86. Vitamin D

I learned that I should spend more than $3 on a bath towel. Four of these things (guess which ones) wouldn’t have been needed if I didn’t fail at riding a bike.

Documents etc.
87-88. 2 library cards

89. A second water bottle

My recruiter gave me a free water bottle part-way through the summer. I like that it’s metal, so I’ll get rid of my plastic water bottle.

Things I’ve borrowed

90. Laptop
91. A Lovecraft compilation from the library
92. A bike

Things I miss

I do miss some things, though! I miss my panniers and I miss my Playstation. I miss real Dominion cards and Zendo. I miss being by the beach and I miss the mountains. Those last two don’t count though, since I’d never be able to bring them anyway.

What would be on your list of 92 things?

9 thoughts on “92 things

  1. Hi Sancho. I found your site through Miss Minimalist. I live in North Louisiana, born and raised but my husband is from Vancouver and we are planning to move there next summer. I have been following minimalist blogs b/c 1) We have to get rid of a LOT of stuff before we trek across the country and 2) We are just looking for something different for ourselves and the kids. We will be not have an opportunity to visit Van before the move and since it has been nearly 25 years since my husband left, we aren’t sure what area we should consider living. We are most intrigued with downtown, however I have never lived in a big city and I am concerned that may be overwhelming for a small town southern gal. Is there an area that you would recommend we start our search?

    1. Hi Vicki! Good luck with all the prep for the trip. Definitely an excuse to pare down to the basics. I really like the idea of living close to work, so I’d be biased that way. But ignoring that, some nice areas are Kitsilano, South Granville, Fairview Slopes. That would keep you close enough to downtown (a quick bus/bike across the bridge), but without getting overwhelmed… and likely a bit cheaper, too.

      I’d also suggest anything near Broadway between Alma and Commercial. Neighborhoods with a bit more varied culture and nice food are Cambie, Main Street, and Commercial Drive.

      I may be thinking a bit like a university student still, though, and not like somebody with a family :) I could probably give you better advice if I knew what was important to you. Feel free to email me (sanchom at gmail) and I could try to give you more specific suggestions.

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